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3.8 stars | 35 reviews
3.8 stars | 35 reviews
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For more than 20 years, the skilled team at Blackburn's Fabrication has been honing our precision metal fabrication services. As a result, we have relevant experience in everything from carbon steel, stainless steel, and copper to almost any exotic or alloy. In view of our focus on the heavy equipment and truck industries, we have dedicated an entire fabrication division to components for applications such as payloaders, trash trucks, school buses, and more.
To truly meet the needs of these industries, we utilize the largest press brake in Ohio, which can handle widths of up to 24 feet. We also have the largest-capacity roller in the state, which allows us to work with materials up to .750 inches thick. We can also apply from 60 to 750 tons of clamping pressure and meet tolerances of ±1/16”. Dedication to extreme precision and quality is a priority; we comply with a range of industry standards that are important to each specific client.
We’re also proud to offer secondary services, including 2D and 3D CAD capabilities and finishing services of plating, powder coating, and polishing.


After providing precision machining and related services for more than two decades, we know how to leverage our expertise and technology. As a result, we’re able to provide superior custom machining in metals, alloys, and polymers. Working with three-axis machines, we can perform various machining processes such as milling, turning, boring, and spline cutting. To ensure quality through every phase of the process as well as excellent turnaround and delivery times, we also manufacture the necessary tooling and fixtures in-house. Our capabilities can accommodate parts as large as 10” in diameter, up to 8’ in length, and as high as 12”.
We also provide a range of secondary services such as 2D and 3D design consulting in addition to finishing capabilities such as anodizing, polishing, and painting.
Our diverse customer base, which includes industries such as heavy equipment, oil and gas, and food processing, appreciates our ability to handle everything from prototyping/short runs to specialty production.


As a company with a long-term focus on quality welding services, Blackburn's Fabrication has made an ongoing commitment to employing AWS-certified welders. Our highly trained, experienced, and skilled welders can perform a variety of specialized welding services, specifically wire (MIG) welding of aluminum. In addition, our welders provide TIG, stick, and heliarc welding on copper and various steels and alloys. We are set up to perform the welding, either CNC or freehand, in the field or in our own shop.
Blackburn's Fabrication consistently provides superior-quality welding that meets various industry standards as well as the expectations of customers in fields such as agriculture, architecture, food processing, and the military. In order to facilitate expedited and just-in-time deliveries, we also provide a range of in-house secondary services such as finishing and design consulting.


Blackburn's Fabrication's construction division is your go-to source for new builds. As experienced metal fabrication specialists, we've worked with a wide range of industries and clients for their single-story steel structures. Our single-story steel structures include restaurants, convenience stores, and retail store modifications. With experienced erectors and estimating staff, we support both on-site maintenance, welding, and new fabrication. Our services include stainless kitchen metals, metal decking, flanges, joists, and trusses, as well as galvanization of lentils, stairs, hand railings, and beams.


Big or small, we can fix them all! Whether you need to repair or modify your truck or trailer, we've got your back. Our team of highly experienced welders and fabricators can repair or modify most heavy equipment, trucks, and trailers. We can replace or modify frame rails, dump bed liner replacements, cracked seams, and much more. Our team also specializes in repairing broken or bent arms for backhoes and modifying or replacing blades and buckets. If you're coming to us for accident repairs, then let us take the burden of insurance off your shoulders. Our team is happy to work with your insurance company for accident appraisals and repairs.


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3.8 stars | 35 reviews
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